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Stages of Inspection

Stages of Inspection for Fabricated Equipments like Reactors / Heat Exchangers / Columns / Pressure Vessels

  • Approval of detailed fabrication drawings submitted by vendor/client. Discuss and confirm schedule of work and review progress.
  • Material identification based on Mill Certificates or testing at Laboratories.
  • Stamp transfer on all pressure parts.
  • Testing and approval of welding procedures and welders.
  • Approval of Electrodes, Filler Wires and other welding consumables, etc.
  • All set ups of long seams, circumferential seams and back chips, etc.
  • Dishes after forming.
  • Set ups of all nozzles, manways, hand hole pads, etc., and back chips of the same. Checking of critical dimensions for matching parts of agitators.
  • Viewing of Radiographs, heat treatment procedures and any other NDT/DT.
  • Checking of Tube Sheets with GO and NO GO Gauges for tube hole tolerances, Ligaments, Grooves, etc.
  • Mock up test to approve expansion of Tube to Tube Sheet joints and welding of tube to tube sheet.
  • Dynamic balancing of Agitator shaft above 100 RPM and static balancing of shafts below 100 RPM along with anchors / impellers, etc.
  • Running trials outside the vessel and measuring deflection with dial gauge for agitators.
  • Running trials inside the vessel at operating pressures.
  • Hydraulic test, pneumatic test, vacuum test as required.
  • Final dimensional checking, finishing, painting, polishing, etc.
  • Approval of packing, supporting of shaft inside the vessel as assembled, etc., clearance for transportation.
  • Submission of status report every two weeks.
  • Preparation and submission of inspection documents to client.